The National Gallery of Ireland - Beyond Caravaggio

A very social campaign

'I decided to take some I-SITES to position a youth message for the National Gallery of Ireland around the Beyond Caravaggio exhibition. 

It was a big step for the Gallery, who would have had very little marketing activity historically.

Using the idea of ‘Throwing Shade’, which linked in well with a youth market and reflected the kind of painting the artist employed, the I-SITES were supported with an Instagram campaign. The joint activity has been a huge success, with more than 5K likes on Instagram, a huge amount of commentary, many mentions around recall of the I-SITE poster itself, conversations started and it has now progressed organically to other social media channels.

The I-SITES instigated the campaign creative, the Instagram brought the campaign online and all in all, it is proving a huge success.'

Aileen Galvin - The National Gallery of Ireland