Our research has been reinforced by distillers and brewers alike (in fact, for the most part they feel the figures are on the conservative side).

67% of people when they enter a bar are undecided what they will drink on that visit.

They then drink 3.9 of those drinks on average before leaving or switching drinks. 

If a brand is stocked in bar we can provide a mental trigger at or close to the point of decision - to influence that all important first drink decision. 

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64% of pub goers say they actively notice advertising in bar

Everybody else also notices it but they just don't realise it and nor do they understand how it is influencing their decision making. 

Technically termed 'Perception without Awareness'. Theories evolve! 

Watch Derren Brown bring it to life below. If you work in any aspect of brand building or communication it is a recommended 'must watch’.

Advertising works! 

Empirical Evidence based Marketing science

We have become big fans Byron Sharp and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. If you are not familiar with this emerging wisdom you can chec the short talk TED talk below which is a great introduction to empirical based marketing. It has a big impact on how we now approach our business. The topline take away piece is 'No marketing activity, including innovation, should be seen as a goal in itself, its goal is to hold onto or improve mental and physical availability'. 

Our Audience 

We love pubs, the social space and their role in Irish society. As our society develops and changes so has the position and the role of the pub in our daily lives. We have undertaken research on pub goers and their lifestyles in a hope we can bring that to the fore.