Digital Connections 

The increasing digitalisation of the bricks and mortar world offers us an immense opportunity to connect with pub go-ers on behalf of brands in innovative and creative ways. 

Our focus is on creating great digital experiences and connections that are accessible to all. We believe pub go-ers should be able to access worthwhile digital experiences easily without the need to download a specialised app. These connections shouldn't be a distraction from the pub experience we know and love, instead they should be micro-moments that enhance it. 

Our work is focused on the foundations of digital display, mobile engagement and data. 

We are now introducing our Tenvito digital sampling in bars on behalf of brands.

In venue pub go-ers scan, tap or check 'nearby' for their invitation to a drink. They present the invitation to the bar staff who simply redeems the offer and serves their drink.  Each consumer can only receive one drink. The system is secure and there are no workarounds. The participating pub is paid digitally for the drinks redeemed. The brand sets the parametres of how many drinks can be sampled during a pre-set time period. 

There are significant opportunities for turning this worthwhile brand engagement into further ongoing consumer connections, including receiving instant consumer feedback on the drink sampled (no need to wait for field marketing research) and linking them to your social channels on Instagram, you tube , twitter and else where. 

This digital marketing tool provides the opportunity for simultaneous digital sampling across hundreds of bars during time periods that could range from 30 mins to a couple of weeks. These can also be undertaken in pretty much in any place in the world. 

Check out the short film below of Tenvito sampling in the Coolin, Hossegor (France) to get a flavour. 

If you would like to talk to us about specific requirements you may have or would like more information send us a message.