C20 - Smithwicks Soundtrack Series

Cycle 21 Campaigns

We've got 3 great wonderful companies in our i-Site media network this cycle; Powers, 48 and Smithwicks. 

48 is Ireland's youth mobile network. They are introducing two new mobile phone plans to help you 'Cheat at Life'. The highlight of their plans? Unlimited messaging with Whatsapp! Click here to check out what's on offer in more detail.

Powers Whiskey chose a range of our venues to display their product to pub goers at a point in time where pub goers will be making their purchasing decisions. 67% of people walking into a bar are undecided on what they would like to drink. Power's used our in pub media to reminded pub goers that they are a great option!


Smithwick's knows how effective i-Sites can be for influencing that first drink and decided to retain their presence in the network for a 2nd cycle. Their Pale Ale might be new but there is 300 years of experience behind it! 


Cycle 20 Campaigns

We're almost at max capacity this cycle with several incredible creatives from 7UP, Guinness, Smithwicks and Jameson. 

7UP Free has brought back a vintage series of 7UP cans from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Do you remember any of these vintage cans? Get them now for a limited time!


You may have seen a few of the new Guinness Rugby commercials on TV based on Gareth Thomas and Ashwin Willemse. We have two incredible creatives are part of their 'Made of More' campaign. The designs creatively incorporate the pint of Guinness through the rugby player's mouth and sock. Can you spot them?

Here is a link to the commercials if you haven't seen them yet. 

Smithwicks launched a campaign for their Pale Ale- the newest edition to their portfolio. I-Sites are a great way to introduce new products at point of sale. We place our light boxes closed to the bar, at the entrances and in high traffic locations to educate and remind pub goers of their options. 


Jameson has redesigned their Jameson Ginger and Lime creatives this cycle giving pub goers a reminder of another great drink option on offer. With a Jameson, Ginger and Lime all that is missing is your friends!


Cycle 17 Campaigns

We have three beautiful creatives for alcoholic drinks this cycle in our i-site network. While the weather hasn't been fantastic, pub goers are still enjoying a refreshing drink at lunch, after work and on weekends. 

Bulmers brightened up our lightboxes with an incredibly colorful creative enticing pub goers to try their line of new flavours. Which will you try next? Apple, Berry, Lime or Lemon?


The next creative is one that frequents our network quite often-- Hop House 13! This new lager created by the masterminds behind Guinness offer a great new option for pub goers. Their popularity has soared since it was first released. Have you tried it yet?


Smithwicks is another alcohol brand that frequents our i-site network. They introduced a new blonde ale to compliment their diverse range of Irish Ales. A great choice for someone looking for a light refreshing taste!


Have a service of brand that you'd like to see displayed in our i-site network? Get in contact with us today. 

Cycle 9 Campaigns

All of our campaigns from cycle 8 have continued to have a presence throughout our network into cycle 9. 


Bulmer's have their Forbidden Fruit Festival coming up at the end of May. Our i-site network provided them with a great space to reach individuals aged 18-39 that love music, entertainment and socialising. Here's the lineup for the May 29th-31st weekend;

Cycle 8 Campaigns

Cycle 8 in the i-site network brought a wide range of alcohol brands and a new film.

Bulmers took full advantage of the nice weather we've been having and tempted pub goers to try a Bulmers on tap or in a pint bottle. 

Kronenbourg 1664 showcased their masterfully brewed, exquisitely styled and throughly enjoyed lager. Available in exclusive outlets across Ireland in their a pint format or in a bottle.  

John Wick continued to have a presence in our i-site network. Check out the trailer here


Smithwicks Irish Ale used our i-site network to compliment their new television ad and remind pub goers that their Irish Ale is a great option. Watch the new advertisement below;