Cycle 20 Campaigns

Heineken Quality and Bank of Ireland retained their influential positions throughout in our in-pub network for another cycle. BOI focused on appealing to the student's want of discounts and special offers. 


Heineken continued to distinguish itself at point of sale as a high quality beer choice for consumers. Last but not least we introduced Ryanair to our network. With 18% of pub goers flying bi-monthly compared to 8% of the regular population and taking into account an average pub goers demographic profile, the choice to target the 18-39 year olds in our network was a natural one. Flights from Dublin to Barcelona leave twice a day and you can get a seat for as low at €19.99!

Heineken Quality.jpg

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Cycle 19 Campaigns

Cycle 19 is one of our busiest cycles yet! With 6 major campaigns from banks and television programmes to beer brands and spirits. 

The Bank of Ireland appealed to the student demographic in our network tempting them with 20% some of their favorite brands if they have the Bank of Ireland Student Visa Debit Card. Redeem you savings at Insomnia, Milano, Camile, Odeon, The Grafton Barber, Elverys Sports and Oasis to name a few.

Heineken and Budweiser opted to upkeep their sites in our i-site network for multiple cycles. Having multiple cycles in a row provides brands with a more 'permanent signage' structure in key account locations. They increase the brand's recognition, influence that important first drink and provides a way to stand out in lights amongst a dark space contrasting your brand strongly against it's competitors.

Heineken Quality.jpg
Heineken Quality.jpg

Jameson and Captain Morgan joined the i-site network this cycle asking customers to order their products in specific ways. Both great ways to engage with the 100,000 plus people who walk through our network on any busy Saturday night! 

Last but certainly not least, RTE introduces a brand new series of Damo and Ivor. Tune in on Mondays at 10pm for a laugh!


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Cycle 18 Campaigns

We've got some new additions to our network this cycle with Beefeater, Heineken Quality, Kronenbourg, Clonmel 1650, and Budweiser making an appearance. Some brands have opted to remain in our network for a few cycles and other brands have chosen this cycle to push their product at point of sale, influence that first drink, and act as a strong constant reminder in the venue that their brand is an option.

Take a look at the campaigns in cycle 18 below:


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Cycle 16 Campaigns

We've had several beautiful campaigns displayed in our i-site network throughout cycle 16. Nokia, Hassle.com, Heineken Music, Heineken Quality, Guardians of the Galaxy and West Coast Cooler all offered engaging campaigns for pub goers to take advantage of. 

Nokia put introduced their Lumia 930 model to pub goers highlighting the model's ability to easily share your favorite apps wherever you are.  

For those of you looking to stay connected and want to manage your social media presence more efficiently, this could be the smartphone for you!

For more information on the features and costs of the Lumia 930 visit their website here



Hassle.com is offering Ireland a new and innovative way to hire a cleaner. Visit their website, answer a few questions about your cleaning needs and they will provide you with a list of verified pre-approved house cleaners for you to choose from. They all cost 12€ per hour and guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Click here to visit their website to learn more.


Heineken has two great campaigns this cycle in our i-site network; the first is Heineken Music. They invited pub goers to engage with them and tell Heineken about their best live music experience from anywhere around the world. Pub goers' answers will enter them into a contest to win 2 tickets to Electric Picnic

This is part of Heineken's Sound Atlas program offering music lovers a passport to global music experiences.

Enter here for your chance to win!


The second Heineken campaign introduces the Star Quality process that goes into every pint of Heineken poured. 

From their Alive campaign and Star Serve, to served extra cold and their new glass shape, click here to discover the programmes in place to ensure consistent quality every time. 

Anyone else thirsty right about now?




West Coast Cooler extended their campaign from cycle 15 to cycle 16 and urged pub goers to continue trying their new flavor. 

In case you missed it, here's the commercial WCC put together to peak you're interest in their new product!

They also have a contest happening at the moment that might interest those in our network. Go to their website (click here) and tell them know about you EPIC relationship. You could win €500!!

Last but certainly not least, Guardians of the Galaxy promised pub goers an exciting tale sure to keep them at the edge of their seats. 

Did you know that 42% of pub goers in our network go to the cinema every month compared to only 10% of the population going to the cinema monthly?

This made our network the perfect spot to get the word out to people that love going to see films! 

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

If you're interested in having your brand featured in our i-site network please contact us today for more information.


If you're interested in having your brand featured in our i-site network please contact us today for more information.