Cycle 20 Campaigns

We're almost at max capacity this cycle with several incredible creatives from 7UP, Guinness, Smithwicks and Jameson. 

7UP Free has brought back a vintage series of 7UP cans from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Do you remember any of these vintage cans? Get them now for a limited time!


You may have seen a few of the new Guinness Rugby commercials on TV based on Gareth Thomas and Ashwin Willemse. We have two incredible creatives are part of their 'Made of More' campaign. The designs creatively incorporate the pint of Guinness through the rugby player's mouth and sock. Can you spot them?

Here is a link to the commercials if you haven't seen them yet. 

Smithwicks launched a campaign for their Pale Ale- the newest edition to their portfolio. I-Sites are a great way to introduce new products at point of sale. We place our light boxes closed to the bar, at the entrances and in high traffic locations to educate and remind pub goers of their options. 


Jameson has redesigned their Jameson Ginger and Lime creatives this cycle giving pub goers a reminder of another great drink option on offer. With a Jameson, Ginger and Lime all that is missing is your friends!


Cycle 15 Campaigns

Guinness and West Coast Cooler were both showcased in our i-site network this cycle. 

Guinness continued to remind pub goers that Hop House 13 is available. This new addition to the Guinness portfolio has proved to be extremely popular! Have you tried it yet?!

West Coast Cooler advertised an incredible contest where you and 3 mates could win a trip to Thailand worth €10,000!! All you have to do is take a Summer Selfie with your friends and post it to the West Coast Cooler Facebook Page. They will be asking a series of 8 questions over the next few weeks. Answer them creatively and you could win! Click here to enter.

If you'd like to have your brand featured in our i-site network get in contact with us today!

Hop House 13 Feedback

With Guinness' new lager, Hop House 13, introduced to our network we set out to gain some feedback from our publicans to see the impact our i-site posters had in terms of sales and awareness. 

Our network reaches potential customers at the point of sale when 67% of individuals walking into a pub are still undecided as to what they would like to drink. Research has shown that on average customers will stick to this drink choice for the next 3.9 drinks that are ordered. 

Be seen and influence pub goers' choices with i-site. 


Ring us today to discuss your brand's presence throughout our i-site network. 

Cycle 7 Campaigns

We have a busy cycle with 4 huge campaigns present throughout our network! 

Guinness introduced a new product and encouraged pub goers to try out their new lager they've called Hop House 13. Here's a quick video showcasing the campaign and what one of our publicans had to say about it.

Carlsberg invited our pub goers to join the greats and play at Anfield. For the chance to win, visit Carlsberg's Facebook page and tell them what your "Probably the best football moment in the world!" moment is. 

Zaconey reminded you that a Zaconey and Cola is always a refreshing choice. 

The positioning of our i-sites throughout the venue are great for influencing that first drink that most pub goers continue to drink for an average of 4.98 times. 


We also had a new film that is about to be released on the 7th of April. It's an action packed thriller about an ex-hitman that comes out of retirement on a mission for revenge. Watch the trailer below:

Cycle 5 Campaigns

We've had 6 great campaigns from all different industries in our network this cycle. 

Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox introduced two of their new films to our i-site network; Focus and Unfinished Business. Our network places your new film releases into front of an audience that loves to be entertained and visits the cinema on average 4 times more than the general population. 

I-Sites are a great way to influence that first drink when pub goers enter a pub, bar or club. Guinness continued to urge pub goers to try one of their new porters; West Indies or Dublin. 

Carlsberg let all pub goers in our i-site network know what the word Carlsberg actually means in Danish. 


Last but certainly not least, Barretstown continues for a second cycle to invite you put your boots on and participate in the Dublin Mountains Challenge on May 24th. Click here to find out what you have to do to participate.


Cycle 4 Campaigns

This cycle we've featured a newly released film, a new taxi service, a music event, a challenge and 2 new alcohol options. 

Guinness invited the pub goers in our network to try one of their two new porters. They also introduced a location specific campaign advertising gigs that are part of their Guinness Amplify music gigs. Gig details can be found here.


A new taxi service called Lynk launched in early February offering everyone who downloads it a €25 credit. That's €5 off the first 5 rides you get with Lynk! 

Visit their website to find out more and download the app.


Universal Pictures tempted our pub goers to go see the controversial new film-- 50 Shades of Grey! If you haven't seen trailer yet, you can find it here.


Barretstown is challenging all of our pub goers to put on their hiking boots and register themselves for the Dublin Mountains Challenge! Choose to either hike 24 km or 42 km from Tallaght Stadium to Shankill or from Tallaght Stadium to Three Rock. All the money fundraised through this event that will take place on May 24th will go to bringing more children with a serious illness to their camps in 2015.


Cycle 2 Campaigns

We've had 2 campaigns in our network this cycle.

Budweiser reminded all our pub goers to 'Don't Just Dream it, Live it' and enter their 'Dream Job' competition.


Guinness introduced an offer for our pub goers to win an all-inclusive trip for two to 'snowbombing' in Austria! 

All pub goers have to do is check into the pub they are at using the GuinnessPlus App to enter.


Cycle 24 Campaigns

This cycle we have 3 campaigns up across our I-site network.

The Budweiser Dream Job contest goes into its second cycle in their month long campaign in our network. Click here to enter.

Guinness continues to tempt pub goers to try their two new porters.

New to the network is Horrible Bosses 2. This movie will be out in cinemas on November 28th!


Cycle 23 Campaigns

We have Jameson, Guinness and Budweiser campaigns in our network this cycle. All creating an striking and illuminated presence at point of purchase in order to influence that first drink. We also have a movie, Get On Up, tempting our pub goers to head to their local cinema for an evening of great music and the story behind James Brown. 


Guinness have continued to support their craft beer campaign in our network for a second cycle. Has anyone tried their Dublin Porter or West Indies Porter?

Jameson is also creating a presence in a wide number of venues across our network reminding you to have fun and make the most of your night!


Finally, Budweiser announced their Dream Job competition to the pub goers in our network. Click here to enter. All you have to do is tell them what your dream job is, why you're passionate about it. They will also let you upload images and video to support your application. Make sure they are good, they need to catch their judges attention! What's your dream job?


Cycle 22 Campaigns

We have 3 diverse campaigns this cycle across our network this cycle; Guinness Discovery, Zaconey and Easons. 

Guinness Discovery introduced their two new craft beers.


Zaconey dared pub goers in our network to experience a bit of the classic 'American Spirit'.


And finally Easons appealed to the students in our i-site network offering them 10% their unbeatable range of products.


If you'd like more information in regards to having your brand featured in our i-site network, please contact us today.