Coors Light

Cycle 15 Campaigns

We've been extremely busy in our network this cycle with 5 great brands being showcased with i-sites across Dublin, Cork, and Galway.

Bulmers invited pub goers to purchase a cold pint bottle of Bulmers and enter their contest for a chance to win one of 50 trips to music festivals and gigs across Europe. Locations include Ibiza, Belgium and London. Wishing the best of luck to the pub goers in our network! 


West Coast Cooler urged pub goers to try their new vodka infused flavour! A delicious new option for this fabulous weather. Their bright and colorful posters really stand out in the crowds and i-sites has helped them get the attention they needed to make their product a success at point of purchase. 

Nokia announced their new Lumia 635 model and promises to help their customers organise their social media more efficiently with the new People Hub feature. The People Hub website explains their service as helping ''you connect and stay in touch with the people you care about - while cutting through clutter to show you the information that really matters''. Click here for more information.

Rain Portobello.JPG

Coors Light continued to encourage pub goers to download their 'The Great Rocky Mountains' App by interacting with our i-site posters. By downloading the app, pub goers could play, win and redeem free pints on the spot at their favourite bars or go on to win bigger prizes. Thousands of prizes are awarded every week. If you haven't already downloaded it and played, click here

Disney invited pub goers in our network to go watch their new movie: The Guardians of the Galaxy. With over 42% of pub goers in our network going to the cinema monthly, we're sure they were very happy to stay informed. We're all looking forward to this sci-fi action flick! 

To watch the trailer click here.


If you have a campaign you'd like to see in our network, get in touch with us and we can answer all your questions.


The Coors Light Campaign in Action

Coors Light used our interactive in pub media to invite pub goers to interact with the media to download the Coors Light app, play an exciting game and win thousands of prizes. Some of these prizes were even redeemable immediately in pub in front of other consumers. This encouraged others around to interact with the posters, download the app and play themselves. 

Take a look at this short clip to watch the entire process from call-to-action to using the app. We're still working on our gaming skill in order to win some prizes...


Case Study: How Coors Light Built a Greater Male Audience

Eimear McCabe from Carat Ireland wrote an enlightening case study on one of the campaigns featured in our i-site network this week. She detailed how Coors Light was faced with the task of attracting a male consumer base to their brand. They decided to shy away from the one-off in-outlet events and promotions and have their campaigns  runs along various consumer touch points. One of the main requirements for the campaigns was higher involvement between the brand and consumers. 

Understanding that the male consumers were always on their mobiles made it in easy choice for Coors Light to focus on this type of media platform to reach males. They took is a step further and isolated the mobile gaming function on cell phones to target their market, interact with consumers, and entice them to choose Coors Light. 

Interestingly, 80% of consumers who redeemed a pint via the Coors Light App stayed on in pub for another pint, proving that driving the first pint in hand is crucial
— Eimear McCabe, Carat Ireland

They developed their 'Anytime is Playtime' mobile gaming app and spent their media budget on building awareness and generating downloads. Over 3500 rewards were given out every week including free pints of Coors Light as an incentive to download their app. Interestingly, 80% of consumers who redeemed a pint via the Coors Light App stayed in the pub for another pint, proving how crucial influencing the first pint in hand can be on a brand.

Our i-site network was used for the Coors Light campaign. It exposed them to the 18-39 year old market, and acted as a point of sale to influence that first drink alcohol brands deem to be crucial. Our interactive posters also made it possible for Coors Light to include a call to action to download the app, play and get rewarded on the spot.


To view the original case study click here.

To view our i-site poster's in action click here.

Cycle 13 Campaigns

Coors Light

Coors Light

We've been busy here at I-Sites with 3 great campaigns throughout our network.

Hailo, the taxi hailing app, has been introduced to Kilkenny using our media. Their advertisement offered pub goers a safe way home through the convenience of their app. Visit Hailo's website for more information.

Opel introduced a new car model, named Adam, to pub goers using some cheeky humor. Click here to view the new model.


Opel Adam

Opel Adam



And finally, Coors Light offered pub goers the chance to win great prices by downloading their newest app and playing a game. Our sites were made interactive through our NFC technology and QR Codes. This enabled pub goers to tap or scan the posters to download the app. Click here to download the app to play and win prizes! 




Opel Adam

Opel Adam