Cycle 23 Campaigns

We have Jameson, Guinness and Budweiser campaigns in our network this cycle. All creating an striking and illuminated presence at point of purchase in order to influence that first drink. We also have a movie, Get On Up, tempting our pub goers to head to their local cinema for an evening of great music and the story behind James Brown. 


Guinness have continued to support their craft beer campaign in our network for a second cycle. Has anyone tried their Dublin Porter or West Indies Porter?

Jameson is also creating a presence in a wide number of venues across our network reminding you to have fun and make the most of your night!


Finally, Budweiser announced their Dream Job competition to the pub goers in our network. Click here to enter. All you have to do is tell them what your dream job is, why you're passionate about it. They will also let you upload images and video to support your application. Make sure they are good, they need to catch their judges attention! What's your dream job?