Cycle 16 Campaigns

Three great new creatives are in our i-site network this cycle. The first is the new film from Universal Pictures called Trainwreck. It stars Amy Schumer, a female comedian that has taken the comedy word by storm in the last year. The reviews have been fantastic. This is one we'll be sure to go see in theaters! Comes out in cinemas on August 14th.


Check out the trailer below;

The second creative we had this cycle is Lucozade. Many of the gastropubs in our network attract families, business people and tourists for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it the perfect space for Lucozade's Free Pub Lunch competition. Click here to enter the competition.


The third and final creative is for Budweiser. Their sharp and vibrant design is sure to stand out in our network. Great way to attract pub goers to try a Budweiser. That first drink choice is crucial!


If you'd like to see your brand in our i-site network please get in contact with us today!

Cycle 3 Campaigns

Warner presented their new movie 'Inherent Vices' to our pub network. They capitalised on the fact that 42% of pub goers visit the cinema monthly, versus only 10% of the general population going monthly. Our i-site network presents a great opportunity to put new film directly in front of a crowd that loves to be entertained. 

Want to see the trailer? Download our MIKZ app, follow 'Front Row' and stay up to date with films coming out in cinema. 

Budweiser have kept their campaigns in our network for a second cycle. They are continuing to encourage our pub goers to apply for their Dream Job competition. Click here for the rules of the contest and how to enter

Cycle 2 Campaigns

We've had 2 campaigns in our network this cycle.

Budweiser reminded all our pub goers to 'Don't Just Dream it, Live it' and enter their 'Dream Job' competition.


Guinness introduced an offer for our pub goers to win an all-inclusive trip for two to 'snowbombing' in Austria! 

All pub goers have to do is check into the pub they are at using the GuinnessPlus App to enter.


Cycle 24 Campaigns

This cycle we have 3 campaigns up across our I-site network.

The Budweiser Dream Job contest goes into its second cycle in their month long campaign in our network. Click here to enter.

Guinness continues to tempt pub goers to try their two new porters.

New to the network is Horrible Bosses 2. This movie will be out in cinemas on November 28th!


Cycle 23 Campaigns

We have Jameson, Guinness and Budweiser campaigns in our network this cycle. All creating an striking and illuminated presence at point of purchase in order to influence that first drink. We also have a movie, Get On Up, tempting our pub goers to head to their local cinema for an evening of great music and the story behind James Brown. 


Guinness have continued to support their craft beer campaign in our network for a second cycle. Has anyone tried their Dublin Porter or West Indies Porter?

Jameson is also creating a presence in a wide number of venues across our network reminding you to have fun and make the most of your night!


Finally, Budweiser announced their Dream Job competition to the pub goers in our network. Click here to enter. All you have to do is tell them what your dream job is, why you're passionate about it. They will also let you upload images and video to support your application. Make sure they are good, they need to catch their judges attention! What's your dream job?


Cycle 19 Campaigns

Cycle 19 is one of our busiest cycles yet! With 6 major campaigns from banks and television programmes to beer brands and spirits. 

The Bank of Ireland appealed to the student demographic in our network tempting them with 20% some of their favorite brands if they have the Bank of Ireland Student Visa Debit Card. Redeem you savings at Insomnia, Milano, Camile, Odeon, The Grafton Barber, Elverys Sports and Oasis to name a few.

Heineken and Budweiser opted to upkeep their sites in our i-site network for multiple cycles. Having multiple cycles in a row provides brands with a more 'permanent signage' structure in key account locations. They increase the brand's recognition, influence that important first drink and provides a way to stand out in lights amongst a dark space contrasting your brand strongly against it's competitors.

Heineken Quality.jpg
Heineken Quality.jpg

Jameson and Captain Morgan joined the i-site network this cycle asking customers to order their products in specific ways. Both great ways to engage with the 100,000 plus people who walk through our network on any busy Saturday night! 

Last but certainly not least, RTE introduces a brand new series of Damo and Ivor. Tune in on Mondays at 10pm for a laugh!


If you are interested in finding out how your brand can be featured in our network, get in contact with us today!

Cycle 18 Campaigns

We've got some new additions to our network this cycle with Beefeater, Heineken Quality, Kronenbourg, Clonmel 1650, and Budweiser making an appearance. Some brands have opted to remain in our network for a few cycles and other brands have chosen this cycle to push their product at point of sale, influence that first drink, and act as a strong constant reminder in the venue that their brand is an option.

Take a look at the campaigns in cycle 18 below:


For the alcohol clients looking to use i-sites as a point of purchase, based on our research it only takes influencing one consumers, per site, per day to gain a ROI of 150%. Click here to discover what else our research has uncovered.

If you're interested in creating an influence in pubs, bars and clubs for your brand get in touch with us today.