Case Studies

i-Site to Mobile: John Wick

Watch how the new John Wick campaign can easily influence ticket sales;

Our i-Sites are in proximity to point of purchase for a multitude of products. Confidence among the Irish consumers in regards to purchases on their mobiles has been increasing. This new found confidence provides an extra challenge for advertisers to put their brands or products in front of consumers at a moment where they are relaxed, using their mobiles and most receptive to advertising. i-Sites provides the perfect network for this. 

i-Sites announcing new films, events and products jogs pub go-ers' memory, generates discussions with their peers and ultimately leads to mobile sales-- right there in the venue. 

Pub go-ers love to be entertained. It's not surprising that 42% of them visit the cinema on a monthly basis. Showcase your new film in front of a crowd that likes to me entertained, it's a great investment.

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Hop House 13 Feedback

With Guinness' new lager, Hop House 13, introduced to our network we set out to gain some feedback from our publicans to see the impact our i-site posters had in terms of sales and awareness. 

Our network reaches potential customers at the point of sale when 67% of individuals walking into a pub are still undecided as to what they would like to drink. Research has shown that on average customers will stick to this drink choice for the next 3.9 drinks that are ordered. 

Be seen and influence pub goers' choices with i-site. 


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Case Study: 50.75% Increase in Sales with an I-Site Campaign

We did some interesting work / research on a brand we had featured in our i-site posters within a Dublin City Centre venue and what impact our i-sites may have had on sales. The results were impressive!

Here are the details:

The campaign was in place for 6 weeks in 2 sites in one venue. We used sales for that venue for the previous 6 weeks without the campaign in the i-sites as a comparison. 

The alcohol brand's sales increased 50.75 % during the time period when i-sites were used. 


Furthermore, we noticed the brand's market share within the bar increased by 2.6% against all other brands. 

The ultimate ROI from the brand's campaign with i-sites was 900%.

Our illuminated i-sites are close to the bars as possible, at the entrances/exits and in high traffic locations in bars, pubs and clubs. It is extremely important for your brand to be seen in order to influence that first drink at point of sale. The i-site network delivers that opportunity.

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Case Study: How Coors Light Built a Greater Male Audience

Eimear McCabe from Carat Ireland wrote an enlightening case study on one of the campaigns featured in our i-site network this week. She detailed how Coors Light was faced with the task of attracting a male consumer base to their brand. They decided to shy away from the one-off in-outlet events and promotions and have their campaigns  runs along various consumer touch points. One of the main requirements for the campaigns was higher involvement between the brand and consumers. 

Understanding that the male consumers were always on their mobiles made it in easy choice for Coors Light to focus on this type of media platform to reach males. They took is a step further and isolated the mobile gaming function on cell phones to target their market, interact with consumers, and entice them to choose Coors Light. 

Interestingly, 80% of consumers who redeemed a pint via the Coors Light App stayed on in pub for another pint, proving that driving the first pint in hand is crucial
— Eimear McCabe, Carat Ireland

They developed their 'Anytime is Playtime' mobile gaming app and spent their media budget on building awareness and generating downloads. Over 3500 rewards were given out every week including free pints of Coors Light as an incentive to download their app. Interestingly, 80% of consumers who redeemed a pint via the Coors Light App stayed in the pub for another pint, proving how crucial influencing the first pint in hand can be on a brand.

Our i-site network was used for the Coors Light campaign. It exposed them to the 18-39 year old market, and acted as a point of sale to influence that first drink alcohol brands deem to be crucial. Our interactive posters also made it possible for Coors Light to include a call to action to download the app, play and get rewarded on the spot.


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