i-Site to Mobile: John Wick

Watch how the new John Wick campaign can easily influence ticket sales;

Our i-Sites are in proximity to point of purchase for a multitude of products. Confidence among the Irish consumers in regards to purchases on their mobiles has been increasing. This new found confidence provides an extra challenge for advertisers to put their brands or products in front of consumers at a moment where they are relaxed, using their mobiles and most receptive to advertising. i-Sites provides the perfect network for this. 

i-Sites announcing new films, events and products jogs pub go-ers' memory, generates discussions with their peers and ultimately leads to mobile sales-- right there in the venue. 

Pub go-ers love to be entertained. It's not surprising that 42% of them visit the cinema on a monthly basis. Showcase your new film in front of a crowd that likes to me entertained, it's a great investment.

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