Cycle 10 Campaigns

We've had 3 huge alcohol brands, Carlsberg, Smithwicks and Jameson, in our i-site network this cycle. 

Carlsberg reached out to the Champion's League enthusiasts throughout our network disguising their pints as trophy's everyone can lift. 

Smithwicks continued to have a presence in our network to further compliment their in home and out of home campaigns. See our cycle 9 campaign post to see their TV advertisement. Warning, it tugs at the heart strings! 


With the weather starting to get warmer (finger's crossed!) Jameson is reminding pub goers that the refreshing combination of Jameson and Lime is exactly what they need. 


We performed a case study last summer to try and measure the effects i-sites have in bar on a brand's sales. We found a 50.75% increase in sales for the brand being advertised and a 2.6% increase in market share throughout the bar. Click here to read the full case study.