New Research


The study was conducted recently by the Health Research Board in Ireland to analyse Irish Drinking Habits. Almost 6000 participants aged 18-75 from across the country took part in the survey in 2013. 

In the weeks prior to the survey, respondents stated that 43% of standard drinks were consumed at home, 42% were consumed in a pub/bar and the remaining 10% at a restaurant or hotel, with another 5% being consumed at sport matches, holidays, etc... The survey stated that almost 60% of alcohol was consumed in on-trade facilities, while just over 40% was consumed off-trade.  

With a grand total of €50.6 million being spent per week on alcohol here in Ireland, we can conservatively estimate that almost €22 million spent in pubs a week on alcohol. 

When it comes to preferred drinking locations by Ireland's younger generations, the survey discovered that 72.3% of young people preferred to drink in a pub or nightclub environment, with the most popular days being weekends (Friday to Sunday). 

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