Cycle 25 Campaigns

We're introducing 4 campaigns this cycle into our network; VIP e-cigarettes, Carlsberg, J20 and Sony. 

Sony gave the pub goers in our network a few gift ideas for their loved ones!


VIP e-cigarettes provided the smokers in our network with a solution to quitting smoking and laugh. For more information on their products click here


J20 has a place in our network as a nonalcoholic option for pub goers. Many of our venues also double as gastropubs all day long that cater to breakfast crowds, students, families and professionals. Britvic used this aspect of our network to their advantage in their new campaign! 


Last but not least, Carlsberg aimed to influence that first drink in pub with a very festive new campaign! 


As this festive period comes into full swing, christmas parties are starting, those we have immigrated are coming back for a visit and a vast majority of the population are in a very celebratory mood. Our I-Site network is packed to the max and it's a great time to influence pub goers to try your product.