I-SITE is extensive, prominent and the largest advertising format available in the pub environment. It provides the opportunity to communicate with a dynamic audience in a social environment where the consumer is receptive and engaged in their surroundings. We've placed our I-SITE format in uncluttered areas for optimal visibility. Displays are positioned by the entrance, at the bar or at other areas of high footfall with the aim to ensure the advertising message stands out in lights. I-SITE is a high quality network communicating a single brand message during a brand campaign. 

A place where your brand can be at the heart of social.


Why Use I-SITE?

drink brands POINT of SALE 

The Bryon Sharp School of Empirical Advertising gives us the brand building equation.

Physical availability + Mental availability = Sales

The physical supply of the product added to the consumers ability to recall the brand at that moment equals sales. Providing an advertising trigger close to the point of consumer decision means this advertising investment reaps high rewards.

I-SITE media provides this opportunity and increases drink brand sales.

I-SITE provides a mental trigger within the bar close to the point of purchase. 

67% or 2 out of 3 of pub goers have not decided what drink they will buy as they enter the bar. Then they will drink 3.9 of those drinks before they switch brand or leave. 

I-SITE is positioned to positively influence that first (or consequently four on average) drink decision. 

Based on retail prices it requires influencing 1 pub goer, per site, per day to choose your brand over another to yield 150% return on investment. 

We have researched campaigns that have given 900% return on investment through increased sales and market share in bar. 

  • I-SITE display is an inward facing media network

  • Illuminated for quality and standout in a darker environment.

  • Significant dwell time resulting in maximum exposure to the audience.

  • Proven growth driver for on trade sales. I-SITE gives you full control of your campaign in venue when you want it.

  • Viewed with peers while most other formats are viewed alone.  

  • I-SITE can provide the spark as a thought provoking conversation starter with this over 18's adult only OOH audience. 

Hop House 13 


This a dynamic social environment where everybody is connected. 100% of 18-35 target have a smartphone and use their devices daily to go online. 

Pub goers are social. In a country that has the highest cinema going audience in Europe pub goers go to the cinema 4 times more often than the general public. 

They have appetite to travel and go overseas twice as much as the general public. 

They do like their culture, reading and music. 55% read on a daily basis, 74% listen to music on a daily basis and 23% go to the theatre bi-monthly compared to only 6% of the population. 28% of typical pub goers visit art galleries bi-monthly. 

They also enjoy a flutter with over 12% betting weekly. 

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of life 85% of pub go-ers own or use a car versus 61% of adults and 87% have direct impact on weekly grocery shop. 

DONE DEAL.IE in campaign

Let's go to the cinema